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Munly’s second book about Lupercalia, ‘Döder Made Me Do It’, is currently available for pre-sale from SCACUNINCORPORATED WEB STORE. First edition is limited to 500 casebound copies.

Our newest release is ‘Kinnery Of Lupercalia; Undelivered Legion’. ‘Undelivered Legion’ is the first in a series of three ‘Kinnery Of Lupercalia’ records to be released by SCACUNINCORPORATED record label; one each by Munly & The Lupercalians, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, and DBUK. ‘Undelivered Legion’ is available on oxblood-colored vinyl LP, with gold foil stamped jacket and digital download card, from SCACUNINCORPORATED WEB STORE and other fine record retailers…


Also available is ‘Confessions To Scare…’, a book of stories by Munly J Munly about the kinnery of Lupercalia…

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Words from Munly:

“I have never addressed my lyrics and subject matter, this has been on my mind since the beginning of my writing, I am doing this out of respect for anyone who would give their own time, attention and effort to what I do.

“At this time the voices of the unjustly persecuted are not enough. Those who have grown up with privilege need to add their voice and position in society to finally rectify perpetual injustice. I have read and written since I was a little boy. It is not always a love, though it is what I have chosen to do. I take it seriously, I sometimes wish I were able to write something for the beach, something for the radio. It is too important to me to attempt and fail at. What voice I have is best used in literature and music. What failings those have are a shortcoming of my ability. I love A. A. Milne, but I have found that is not my voice. What faltering voice I have found is drawn towards unsavory situations, malevolent characters, uncompromising settings. I normally write in the first person, this does not mean I am the first person. I do love a few of my characters, however, I would not tolerate the majority if these abhorrences if they were real. And that is the crux. Many of these beings are not fiction in this world, for a portion of the human race they have been a dominating presence.

“Sometimes talking is not enough, if I had a racist Aunt I would choose to expunge her from my life. If I had a gay Brother I would do whatever he needed of me, anything to support him. If someone I know had been shamed their entire life I would help put down the abuser. My most powerful tool is through the medium I’ve attached myself to. That does not mean I won’t march, donate, vote…for what is right. I do not participate in social media. Yes, I have a silence about myself. That will most likely continue if there is a future. These days I question that as a possibility. I have always been hesitant to give something that is unnecessary, yet, the way this world is going this ‘Is’ necessary; in the upcoming writings of Lupercalia there are He/Shes, deviants, men in power who did nothing to earn it, there are unfulfilled Gods, animals that are abused, a prison for women…and there are a smaller portion of upstanding people. But, they have waited to stand up, they did not make their voices heard…and everyone dies at the end. I will continue to work as I can to keep this as only a fiction. I don’t have a motto to live by, though, everyday I attempt to be a better person than my previous days.”

Munly J Munly


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Munly Albums

‘Petr & The Wulf’ is available in the SCACUNINCORPORATED WEB STORE (download only).

munly lupercalians petr and the wolf album cover lp cd

Also available is Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots’ self-titled album (download only).

munly lee lewis harlots album cover


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